It's great to be different.

Each bag is unique because they are hand-made and 100% recycled cotton.

How many people do you know using 100% recycled cotton products? Be the first with our pieces and set the standards for your peers and the industry.

Each piece ignites the all-important conversation about the current status of circular fashion.

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Here for a good (and long) time.

Find happiness and longevity with our 100% recycled products.

Our 100% recycled cotton products made from waste only has to be used once or twice to offset it's total carbon emission because it's made only from once unloved - turned beloved waste.

Circularity is as fun as a Friday night boogie, as essential as an apple a day and an ode to the life and love that our planet has given us.

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Our 100% recycled cotton fabrics are woven in Turkey and our totes are handmade in Thailand.

We collect the waste from our facility and surrounding cotton weavers and spinners and then we recycle it into fabrics that are used to make each and every one of these sunny totes.

It's really that simple (as things should be).

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At one with our planet.

Recycled cotton is good, 100% recycled cotton is the best. We are contributing directly to the circular economy with each product that we make.

Compared to raw material extraction utilised in linear production, our circular model can help save up to 70% in material output.

Each one of our products leads to lower raw material needs, concentrating on increasing the life-cycle of existing cotton products.

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COLLaborating for a greener future.

To help further strengthen the message about circularity in Thailand and beyond, we've collaborated with iconic Bangkok movers and shakers.


100% Recycled Cotton pieces only. Certified and handmade in Bangkok.

Certified only.