Our work

I started Born on Saturday to simply celebrate how cool waste is. We all talk about waste, but do we celebrate it?

Inspired by all the waste that is left over from production, I started this brand to salute the major act of turning old waste directly into an essential tote bag for every day wear. Each tote bag I design marks a subconscious shift in the way we should consume fashion. 

Through the purchase of a Born on Saturday tote, a more in depth community revolving around circularity is formed. I wake up each day and feel that this is what the world needs. More love, good juju vibes and communities being formed instead of broken down.  

I am constantly inspired by the ritualistic cycles of nature. The blumen all-over print was hand drawn by Thai illustrator Jeffrey Pangputhipong. A vivid element of my Thai identity is prevalent in the sharp brushstrokes of the primary colours. The blumen pattern, which also features the sunflower, dahlia and alpenblumen: all of which are my late Swiss grandmother's favourite flowers. 

I was determined to have a clear care label on each bag. This is traditionally found inside garments but I decided that our care label will be featured brightly and should speak for transparency and openness.