Our designs

Our designs are inspired by the ritualistic cycles of nature. The blumen all-over print was hand drawn by Thai illustrator Jeffrey Pangputhipong. A vivid element of Thai identity is prevalent in the sharp brushstrokes of the primary colours: red, blue and yellow. Red being the fiery emotion that Bangkok exudes as a city, blue for its historic magnetism and yellow for its radiance. The blumen pattern, which feature the Sunflower, Alpenblumen and Dahlia (flowers which Annabelle’s Swiss grandmother adored) represent longevity, nature’s succession and revitalisation.


The recyclé-à-porter design conceptualised and drawn by Annabelle is an ode to simplicity and allows the consumer to appreciate the raw greige naturality of the recycled cotton itself. On the other side is a care label. Traditionally found inside garments, we decided that this care label featured on the outside of the piece should speak for transparency and openness as it’s visible to all to read and understand.